Memory in a gem

By ffilling a Swarovski® crystal to the most personal jewelry.

Whether baby’s first curl, the wine of your own wedding, fur of your pets or the ashes of a dear deceased.

Mooyli gives you the possibility to peronalize your jewel individually.  

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Whether as a gift for a whiskey lover or the perpetuation of a lovingly removed eyelash from a cheek – there are no limits for your creativity. Fill your personal jewel just as you like.

There are two different manufacturing kits available.  A key ring pendant in stainless steel or a silver pendant in 925 sterling silver.

A piece of jewelry with the first curl of your newborn child. A perfect gift for a mother, the grandmothers or other family members anyway. Or perpetuate yourself in the crystal  together with your children or your whole family.

But also your pets, which in many cases have the value of a human, can be perpetuated. The fur or even the ashes preserved in the crystal will always remind you of your faithful companion.

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As a keepsake of your wedding, you manufacture a piece of jewelry where the wedding wine is filled in the crystal. This red wine for example, remains preserved forever and ever in the crystal and is beautifully reflected in its wine-red splendor due to the faceting. A wonderful and fabulous memory of a special moment. 

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Keep a small part of a dear person always with you. Fill the stone with the ashes of a deceased. A beautiful and emotionally invaluable keepsake of a dear deceased.

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